Refund Policy • Subscription Details • Cancellation

Our “No Refund Necessary” Policy 

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve designed our payment structure so you pay nothing unless you’re completely satisfied with our work. Because of this, we do not issue refunds of any kind. 


Design Fee – No Refunds Given

If you are happy with the first version of the website, you’ll pay 50% of the design fee, this covers our design time up until that point. Then, when the website is completed, you’ll pay the remaining 50% of the design fee. 


Monthly Subscription Payments – No Refunds Given

The monthly payment covers website hosting as well as updates respective to each plan from our team each month.  With no contracts and month to month subscription payments, we issue no refunds for your subscription payments. Please note: We do not provide login credentials or transfer the ownership/assets at any time unless the website has been designed on Shopify and this has been discussed prior to designing a website.


Subscription Payment Failure

If your credit card fails for your subscription, don’t worry! We’ll let you know and you can update it within 10 days to keep your website online and unaffected. Keep in mind, we have ongoing expenses with every website, so if we don’t receive payment within 10 days of your subscription renewal date, your website may be suspended or deleted permanently.



We have no contracts and you may cancel your website subscription at any time. Please note that your website will be taken down within 7 days of cancellation and may be hidden immediately. To cancel your subscription, simply email your design team manager. Or, you can reach us at support@montecitowebdesign.com or give us a call at 1.800.905.7537.